Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook

Welcome to the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook, an information resource for anaesthesia providers and their support staff. Our goal to organise key internet resources relating to anaesthesia into one concise, textbook style website.

This site is not intended for use by patients. While it may assist in informing the general public, it should not and cannot replace the doctor/patient relationship.

If you have a small screen (or use large fonts) you may prefer the no-frames version.

Translations (using Google and starting from English only) can be made to Spanish, German, French, or Italian. Note that the selected language follows all links until the browser window is closed.

Most information on the internet has not been formally peer reviewed. Some information may be inappropriate or incorrect. A listing in the VAT does not imply accuracy or endorsement. Concerns about the contents of a particular page should be direct to the person who wrote it.

I would like to thank the dedicated Chapter Organisers who make it all happen and John Oyston and John Loadsman for their logo design.

Many chapters still need to be written. If you think that you could help, please take the time to read the introduction before contacting me. Suggestions for new links, features or chapters are always welcome. If you find a broken link, let us know, and we’ll fix it!

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