Anesthesia ( Gr. ἀναισθησία  – without feeling ) – a decrease in the sensitivity of the body or part thereof until the complete cessation of perception of information about the environment and their own state.

Anesthesia occurs when the perception or transmission of sensitive nerve impulse at different levels:

  • loss of sensory receptors;
  • loss of sensory nerves;
  • brain damage that violates the perception of nerve impulses;
  • mental illness , preventing to correctly interpret the information that the brain took over from sensitive receptors, such as hysteria .

Depending on the type chuvstitelnosti who violated anesthesia is:

  • complete anesthesia (block all kinds of sensitivity)
  • partial anesthesia (block certain kind of sensitivity)
    • lack of feeling pain  – analgesia
    • lack of temperature sensitivity  – termanesteziya
    • lack of tactile sensitivity
    • no sense of the location of the body in space
    • lack of taste sensations – ageusia
    • lack of smell  – anosmia

If blurred vision, hearing, or location of the body in space caused by damage to the corresponding receptors – they are engaged in the study of science such as ophthalmology and otolaryngology . If anesthesia occurred due to damage to other types of receptors or the connection between nerve cells – it is studying neurology . Anesthesia was induced mental disorders studying psychiatry .

Issues of chronic pain has been algologiya , and specially called in medicine anesthesia – Anesthesiology .

In anesthesiology using anesthetics performed anesthesia during surgery and other painful medical procedures. Artificial anesthesia is used with 1847 : this year’s James Simpson discovered chloroform .

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