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Technology Assessment Providers

US Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHCRQ) – technology assessments section

Practice Management Services

Amsol provide practice management services to independent anesthesiology providers in the USA.

Anaesthetic Equipment and System Manufacturers

Agilent: see Philips Medical Systems
Aspect Medical Systems: see Covidien.
Ane-Dome: Drug security system for anesthesia carts
BioTek : specialist medical equipment testing devices (offline 19/2/97)
Blease: see Spacelabs – anaesthetic machines, ventilators, vaporisers, etc.
Capsuletech: Smart interfacing modules and software code to allow applications aquire data from a very wide range of medical devices.
Covidien: Nellcor, BIS, McGrath VideoScopes, etc
CareFusion: airway and ventilation products
Datex-Ohmeda: Part of GE now. Anaesthesia machines, monitors, gas analysers, AIMS solutions.
Datascope: monitoring systems, intra-aortic balloon pumps, vascular grafts
Dräger: Anaesthetic machines, AIMS, soda lime, monitors, ventilators, resuscitation equipment, gases, etc.
Dremed: new and refurbished anaesthesia equipment for hospitals, veterinarians, research labs etc.
Dupaco Inc : Stethoscopes, prone face protectors, miscellaneous items
GE Healthcare: includes Marquette & Datex-Ohmeda – anaesthesia systems, monitors and more Following on from EmTek and CareFX.: Clinical Information Systems
HP Medical: see Philips Medical Systems
Johnson & Johnson : Infection control, vascular access, wound management, Sterrad
Nellcor: now part of Covidien: pulse oximetry and other respiratory products including those from Mallincrodt, Argyle, Bronch-cath, etc.
Marquette Electronics : now sold by GE as the Solar range.
Maquet: Operating tables, Servo ventilators, Datascope monitors
MedicRegister: extensive listing of medical equipment and anesthesia suppliers
Mohawk Medical Mall: general medical supplies.
Movit: wheel guards for anaesthesia machines, keeps cables from interfering with moving machines – offline 4 June 2005
Obamed: Compact Office Based Anesthesia machine
OR Supply Co: Supplies for anesthesia, intubation and other specialty areas.
Para Products: Makers of the Positube EDD an oesophageal detection device
Picis : Anesthesia and Critical Care information systems.
Penlon : Anaesthesia machines, vapourisers, laryngoscopes, suction pipelines etc.
Philips Healthcare: products include patient monitors (portable, stand-alone, networked, central, ICU, holter), defibrillators, electronic & acoustic stethoscopes as well as CT scanners etc.
Respiratory Products News is a great site with info about respiratory products
Rüsch: airways, tubes, facemasks, etc.
Sedation Resource, makers of a Bluetooth wireless electronic pre-cordial Stethoscope
Siemens: monitors now incorporated in the Dräger product line; Servo ventilators now Maquet
Sims Portex: endotracheal tubes, filters, connectors, masks, cannulas and catheters, epidural and spinal kits, etc. etc.
Smiths Medical: Cannulae, medical products, Portex endotracheal tubes, connectors, masks etc.
Spacelabs Medical : Cardiac monitors, gas analysers, anaesthesia machines, information systems; now part of GE Healthcare.
SunMedUSA : wide range of anaesthesia equipment and accessories.
Symbiosmedical : elastomeric pain management infusion systems, multi-orificed catheters etc
Ulco Engineering: Anaesthetic machines, ventilators, Arkis recordkeeper
Unomedical: Medical disposables including endotracheal tubes etc.
VanbonMed: Vapouriser manufacturer, Beijing.
Vitaid : The Glidesope vide-assisted laryngoscope / intubating device & others.
Wu Scope Systems : Combination intubating device.

Medizin & MedTech – Verlag provide a german language european searchable equipment supplier list.

Mannikin-based anesthesia simulator manufacturers are in the education section.

Anaesthesia Equipment Suppliers: USA

Eldor Combined Spinal-Epidural Needle
Movit – John Navar’s system for clearing hoses from around trolley wheels. e-mail:
Veterinary Anaesthesia Systems – New used and custom designed veterinary anaesthesia equipment
Parker Medical : Endotracheal tubes and intubation equipment
HullAnesthesia – California based equipment supplier with online ordering.


ESCO Industries : Operating Room Pendents, supply panels etc.
Mayo Healthcare : Suppliers of a wider range of medical equipment, facemasks, breathing circuits, ventilators etc. etc.
Ulco Engineering: Anaesthetic machines, ventilators, Arkis recordkeeper.

Lab Supplies: USA

Fisher Scientific – Lab supplies


For Information Systems see our chapter on PDA’s, informatics etc.

Markus Weiss has written a journal article about video-assisted intubation equipment, including paediatric devices. has some great information about several equipment topics.

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