Local anesthesia – the safest form of anesthesia

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is a widely used technique of anesthesia. It is used as a stand-alone embodiment, and in combination with other types of anesthetics .

Synonymous with the term ” local anesthetic “are: local anesthesia, as well as the terminology is wrong phrase, as” local anesthesia “.

Local anesthesia is a temporary pain relief a small area that has developed as a result of its chipping local anesthetic solution. Usually local anesthesia is used for small transactions, for example, opening the abscess, dental treatment, herniotomy and others. The local anesthetic is injected into the skin, as well as other anatomical structures of the place where the operation will be carried out.Injections of anesthetic sufficient surface, although in some cases there is a need for a deeper introduction of the drug. For the introduction of local anesthetic used very thin needles, so she is quite painless injection.

At the site of injection local anesthetic can cause a feeling of a “fullness” or heat, but this discomfort only lasts a few seconds and then goes away. A few minutes later develops a complete clinical effect of a local anesthetic, which is expressed in a complete blockade of pain from the treated area. Sometimes it can save some deep sensitivity, so that it would seem that in the treated area “do something”, but experienced pain You will not be.

To normalize psychological condition, reduce anxiety and worry sometimes local anesthesia combined with sedation .

Despite the fact that local anesthetics are widely and successfully used in the treatment of pain, they still are not without potential problems, which, although extremely rare, but are sufficiently serious reactions and complications of local anesthesia. So, in addition to direct the desired effect on the nerves (“freezing”), local anesthetics can also have adverse effects on the heart and the brain, leading to complications such as cardiac arrhythmias, seizures, loss of consciousness, as well as being the cause of a severe allergic reaction. At the same time, in comparison with other types of anesthesia ( general anesthesia ,regional anesthesia ), no doubt the assertion that local anesthesia is the safest kind of anesthesia .

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