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American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nursing (ASPAN) with links to guidelines, annual meeting information, and on-line continuing education credits.

American Society of Anesthesiologists

Society of Ambulatory Anesthesia

Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

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Standards/ Guidelines/ Patient Care Issues

Defining the Perioperative Physician by Charles McLeskey, MD at the SAMBA site.

ASA Standards for Postoperative Care

ASPAN Position on minimum staffing for Phase 1 post anesthesia care

ASPAN Position Statement on Air Safety in the Perioperative Environment

Postoperative Oxygen Therapy…CME credits from APSAN

Anesthetic management: Intraoperative consideration of the post op period.

ASPAN’s Position Statement on Fast Tracking

The University of Virginia Anesthesia Department provides this outline of issues on Managing Intrahospital Patient Transport .

New concepts in post op care…23 hour admissions vs. ‘Recovery Inns’

Management of post-discharge complications from SAMBA.

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Post-op Pain Control

See the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook chapter on postoperative pain control by Aniello De Nicola.

The University of Virginia provides this paper on managing pain in the perioperative period.

The University of Louisville has their Policies and Procedures for Intraspinal (Intrathecal/Epidural) Analgesia on-line.

Society of Ambulatory Anesthesia’s (SAMBA) paper on postoperative pain.

See also ASPAN’s Position Statement on Postoperative Pain Management

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Post-op Nausea & Vomiting

See the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook’s excellent chapter on Post-op Nausea and Vomiting by John Loadsman.

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