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Anesthesia Simulators

Here is the ASA Endorsed list of US Simulation Centers.

The Bristol Simulation Centre provide a comprehensive worldwide listing of simulation centres. Smith and Gaba reviewed the available simulators in this 2000 PDF.

Manikin / Hardware:

Laerdal SimMan, currently available, with basic mannikin, ECG, etc.
The PatSim-1 Simulator, developed in Norway – historical now.
The Med-Sim Eagle Simulator (David Gaba’s system, used in Stanford and several major US centres)
The CAEHealthCare / METI simulator
The Ulco Orpheus Perfusion Simulator (a sophisticated hardware simulation of a heart-lung machine)
The Leiden Simulator – described in the BMJ; e-mail Dr. Vimal Chopra.

Software Based Patient Simulators:

The Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM) is a Web-based interactive resource for teaching or learning how the anesthesia machine functions. It is being developed at the University of Florida Department of Anesthesiology and requires Macromedia Shockwave.

A large part of Ty Smith’s life work in simulation has been incorporated into the amazing BODY Simulation total human body software simulation (down to each waveform and every heart beat). Having seen this in action I can say that it is absolutely amazing. The site does not do it justice unfortunately, so do try to actually get the software yourself somehow.

Anesoft Corporation provide a variety of software simulators, including ACLS, Anesthesia, Critical Care, Hemodynamics and Sedation Simulations.

Laerdal makes mannikins and appears to have taken over Sophus’ ResusSim.

Jim Philip’s Gas Man®, an excellent software depiction of anaesthetic gas uptake, is now available from the GasMan® web site.

Robert Jones has written an excellent ASA airway algorithm trainer (runs on Mac only) which features real-time simulations of actual difficult scenarios..

Anesthesia Simulator Consultant and Rhythm PULSE by Howard Schwid is now available from the new Anesoft web site.

Computer Software for Anaesthetists


ACCRI has a useful software listing.


Rob J. Roy from Albany NY has made a detailed web page about a neural net trained, MLAEP feedback controlled propofol infusion system.

Johan Gabrielsson has developed a free pharmacologic simulation tool called MAXSIM (runs under DOS, Windows (3.10, 3.11, 95, NT etc.), including some PK/PD datasets with recommended modelling approaches.

Data Acquisition

Artemi SA develop hardware and software RS232 and ethernet device interfacing and HL7 solutions.

Capsuletech from France provide smart interfacing modules and software code to allow applications to easily and efficiently acquire data from a very wide range of medical devices.

Chris Rorden’s site has information on configuring an MS-DOS machine to a variety of time-critical data acquisition tasks and other goodies.

James Derrick has written ‘Monitor’, a Mac application for datalogging and realtime trend display of patient data; special versions of this application have been developed to feedback control a variety of agents. I have a page with information about making cables and software for connecting monitoring devices to computers (emphasis on the Mac; useful for PC’s also).

Prologic distribute a medical datalogging application called NarkoData (in German language only) which can run on both Mac and Windows. The complete manual is available in German.


VantageMed develop billing, administrative, financial, management and clinical software solutions. US based.

See also the anesthesia simulation area above.

Internet applications and related software

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