The Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook has a global readership that is growing rapidly, currently over 150,000 people a year. One day we think it will have a greater readership than any printed journal. Sponsorship of this resource is a great way to get a message directly to a specific audience. On the other hand, we do not want advertising to be intrusive; banner advertisments should be informative, must not imply therapeutic advantage and should not be directly associated with content.

Why do we have sponsorship at all? Well, the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook is provided free of charge to users as a service to the anaesthesia community. The organisers put in a great deal of time and effort to make the service worthwhile. Sponsorship helps defray the costs of those efforts and the costs associated with spending a lot of time on the internet finding the resources linked in the chapters. Moreover, we need to pay server fees and the costs of registering the domain name and so on.

We can, if required, provide to sponsors some basic pooled information (domain location etc) on the users of the VAT. We know, for example, that nearly 40% of our viewers are in the United States. Please note, we do NOT collect any information (like email addresses) that could be used for spamming and the like! NO information is collected or kept regarding individual users of our service.

If you are a reader who thinks that there is too much advertising on a given page, please contact the Chapter Organiser. If you have concerns about sponsorship of the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook in general, please contact Chris Thompson.

Types of Sponsorship

Currently, there are three types of sponsorship available within the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook:

Major Sponsorship of the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook. There is only one major sponsor at any given time and this is usually organised on a yearly basis. Major sponsors are recognised prominently with banners on the main index page linked to the web site of the sponsor. There is also recognition within the text of the main page. This is usually reflected in the text provided by all the major search engines as well. The use of frames means that the banners remain displayed irrespective of which chapter is being viewed. You should already have some idea of the recognition provided simply by being here.

Chapter Sponsorship. There is also usually only one sponsor for any given chapter. This would normally be recognised by a banner displayed prominently at the top of the chapter concerned, although there is some flexibility in the arrangements and these would need to be negotiated with the Chapter Coordinator. The banner could be linked to the sponsor’s own web resources of course. It should be noted that the decision to allow sponsorship in any chapter is the responsibility of the Chapter Coordinator concerned.

Featured Link Banners. The Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook currently has four ‘featured links’ displayed in a more or less random sequence on the right hand side of the main page. The banner contains a picture file of approximately 130×130 pixels and a short caption. These would, by the very nature of the banner, be linked to the relevant web resource(s) of the sponsor. These would be most suitable for the announcement of meetings, events and so on but could be used for almost any purpose within reason. The exposure is quite prominent and each banner would be seen by approximately 40,000 people over a year. Featured Link arrangements are for a minimum period of three months

Who to Contact

Major sponsorship is organised by Chris Thompson. He is the person to contact for further information if you or your company would like to be involved in this way.

Chapter sponsorship is left to each chapter organiser to arrange. If you wish to sponsor a chapter, you should contact the CO of the chapter concerned. The CO’s contact details are listed at the bottom of each chapter.

If you would like to have your web site displayed as a ‘Featured Link’ on the main Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook index page, you should contact John Loadsman.


It should be noted that the fees for sponsorship of the Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook are, as a rule, one to two orders of magnitude LESS than the cost of similar but less effective exposure in medical print journals! We also provide direct links to your web site, something journals will not be doing anytime soon.

Major sponsorship is arranged by negotiation with Chris Thompson. Chapter Coordinators are free to set their own fees for sponsorship of their chapters.

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